Requesting Southern Class 377 Metro diagram and allocation timetable

Discussion in 'Allocations, Diagrams & Timetables' started by londonguy57, 25 May 2015.

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  1. londonguy57

    londonguy57 Member

    24 Feb 2013
    Does anyone have a full diagram and allocation timetable list for Southern Class 377 that operate on the Metro lines aka ones to and from Sutton, Dorking, Epsom Downs, London Bridge, Tattenham Corner etc.

    Am looking for Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday services. This also ideally needs to include any that have Class 377 / 6 ones.

    Just curious to see after the new Southern May 2015 timetable which ones have been brought in, if there are any changes and which ones that have been removed.

    If so can anyone be kind enough to list them down with the services attached then would be grateful.

    Appreciate in advance if anyone can help.
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  3. acg5324

    acg5324 Member

    16 Aug 2008
    On a weekday..........
    There are 231 4 car diagrams 377/1 and 377/4
    There are 26 3 car diagrams 377/3
    There are 4 4 car dual voltage 377/2 diagrams
    There are 7 5 car dual voltage 377/7 diagrams
    There are 24 5 car 377/6 diagrams

    Many of the diagrams inter work between Sussex Coast and Metro work especially the 4 car units so the simple answer is no there isn't anything available unless you can get hold of a stock book. Hope this helps.
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