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Revell Model - 1/144 Ryanair (Comunitat Valenciana) B737-800

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11 Jun 2005
Hello all,

I've completed my 6th built Airliner, and this so far is my favorite build, and I thought I'd share it on here, being a well known operator.

I really like it, but it's not to say it's at professional level, FAR from it!!

Not sure who the decals are by actually, I got them for my 29th Birthday. These aftermarket ones work well though, the windows fit over the kit, and the tail decal fits very well with only just a tiny bit of painting to finish it off. This shows up in the pictures as a very dark (almost black) blue, but to the eye, it isn't like that, honest!

The only thing was I managed to scrape the logo on the starboard side winglet, I'm not too worried about that to be honest, it's minor, just have to pretend it got scraped on the ground.

I had to touch up the yellow on the stripes, as the blue was showing underneath. You get one set of yellow lines to apply as a guideline for painting, then another set to put on top, the problem with yellow is it seems to be see-through. As I say a bit of yellow paint sorts it out though.

I hope you like the finish :)

Not open for further replies.