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Ribble Valley freight request

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13 Oct 2005
Hi all,

Does anyone possibly know of any scheduled freight workings which use the Blackburn to Clitheroe branch line overy so often? (Normally going to/from a freight area just north of Clitheroe)

It's just that I've only once seen the weekly or more 6E73 Clitheroe to Healey Mills service run through which normally leaves Clitheroe at about 19:00.

An engine also use to run up to Clitheroe, leaving Blackburn at about 18:05, as soon as the 17:00 Manchester to Clitheroe has reached it's destination, as 0E73.

On Wednesday Night, I saw 2 freight trains, both travelling north, go north along the valley, but at between 22:25 & 22:50, from home.

Normally, all freight is hauled by 66's, with 60's rarely seen anymore :(

Any info about freight in the Blackburn area would be appreciated
Not open for further replies.