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25 Dec 2005
Lanarkshire, Scotland
Anyone here on this forum who does, has or is planning to work in some part in the haulage industry,..
this does also include but to a lesser degree... those road operations operated for/and on behalf of Freightliner intermodal.

This country has for along time operated heavy goods vehicles ranging from the smallest van, to a rigid delivery truck to the big boys.. the 44 tonne articulated tractor units...
many of you who have been on this forum for more than a year know what i do, or know something about what i do.

i work in road haulage... every day of my life
even wen i was at school i was still up to dat eon the latest legislation through reading the commercial motor magazines...

through visits to the FTA (Freight Transport Association) with my father, threw to taking part in deliveries and collections with my father or the guys that worked for him.

our industry is being destroyed...
not threw our work being cherry picked by rail operators who i feel we should integrate with on certain services.

but by forign dogs.
they enter our contry pying NO road tax, coming in and rarely if ever buy fuel at UK prices...
Having no Operators license which anyone who works in the road transport sector and operates above 7.5 tones knows is required to operat vehicle in this country.

they are driven by eastern europeans.. former russians who get paid anything from £50 a week (and no im not joking or talking bull)

they are not fined for speeding, not fined or vehicles impounded for faults or damage to their vehicles that maje those vehicle unsafe for use on public highways.

you all buy your food and clothes from shops and may of you are oblivious to how those items get their.

to you a truck is that thing that slows the traffic on the A and occasionaly B roads.
we supply this country.
like the slogan for the ford transit.. we.. the british transport industry...
we are the back bone of britain..
we deliver your cars, your car parts, your clothes, food, fuel, oils, computers, even your msts add ons.

our industry has being ignored by our own country for many years...

how many of us remember the days when a litre of fuel used to cost 79.9p and we thought that that was high.

iv come back from doing a job in central london and today .. i have seen fuel at prices between 93.9pence and 101.9pence...
this is the world that we are to operate in.

the british government allow these forign operators that in many cases are non EEC , and others liek the recently welcomed polish and lithuanians enter this country knowing they can do work cheaper than anyone of us.
they can enter this country paying nothing or next to nothing in terms of wages.
severly lower rates of insurance, lower costs of fuel... these vehicles enter the uk with a miniumum of in many cases 1000 litres up to a maximum of 200 litres.

now those who do not work in transport may or my not know your car has a fuel tank closer to 50 litres on a good sized vehicle.
now admitadly most vehicles in britain have an engine size of between 1litre and 4 litres on a broad average.

a truck will run witrh between a 6litre engine on a light truck and up to 18 litres on a heavy rig.

allowing for different engines etc and fuel economys.

a forign vehicle in this country with a big rig... will cover up to 1200 miles on a full tank.
i know i can do a maximum of 450 miles in my van, or sometime 600 with my car.

these people dont pay parking in service areas yet use our facilities.

we are sufering from these people entering here and using us, stealing our work and putting our long establish businesses into debt and in many cases sending them into the arms or recievers and bankruptcy courts.

how many of you agree that there should be restrictions on forign operators entering and conducting business in our country.?

who agrees that a dedicated percentage of british work should be carried out exclusivly by uk operators?

who agrees that our industry is being destroyed by our government?

and who agrees something needs to be done?

rant over.

feel ffree to let me know your feelings about the issues raised.
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7 Jun 2005
Marwell Zoo
Sadly Chris, the British trucking industry is just one of many British industries affected by the downfall of this country.
We buy railway locos from Canada, railway carriages from France and Germany and railway technology {tilt, high speed trains} from Italy and Japan, to name a few.
We have Spanish fishermen illegally fishing in the North Sea, reducing cod stocks dramatically.
Look at Abu Hamza, preaching hatred against our country, but we couldn't touch him for red tape


You can put all that down to messrs Heath, Thatcher and Blair. Heath started the ball rolling by joining the common market. Mrs Handbag took it further in the hope of somehow getting control of what was said/done in Brussels but when she could not get her way she turned against it.

'Poodle' Blair is just a damn wrecker who set out to do just that. He destroyed all the principles of the Labour party and then set about dismantling the welfare state and very soon he will have suceeded. No free healthcare, no freebeies at all in fact.

Welcome to the 51st state of the U.S.A folks

Tom B

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27 Jul 2005
If people want cheap goods from the supermarket, there must be a cost somewhere. Keep demanding cheaper products and corners will be cut - such as using a cheaper transport company.
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