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30 Dec 2009
I applied for the Retail Service Manager vacancy at Leeds with Cross Country, i have got through to the assesment centre on Thurs 5th March.

It says on the email there is a Numeracy test, Verbal test and a Group Discussion.

Im just looking for some info please:

The numeracy test a few years ago was nothing money related and all graphs percentages and nothing to do with money handling - this was quite difficult and saw off around 75% of the group (me included). I have been told it has now changed and is relevant to money handling. Can anyone confirm this?

Also what does the verbal test comprise of - it is reading answering questions on what you have read.

Group discussion - last time it was a plane crashed in the jungle, individually you chose items you would want from a list then as a group you compiled a group list.

Any info or pointers appreciated, i really want this job!

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