Search for Lancashire relatives of former railway workers who died in the First World War

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    I hope people don't mind but I have posted the whole article (as it is a bit long), but if anyone can help then please contact Northern Rail
    Rail operator Northern is searching for the relatives of soldiers whose names appear on a long-lost war memorial which is soon to be re-housed at Newton Heath train maintenance depot.

    More than 60 years after the memorial was moved from the site on Dean Lane, it is set to be returned, having been lovingly restored.

    Now Northern is searching for families of those on the memorial ahead of a special unveiling ceremony at the depot on Friday 28 June.

    The event will coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Treaty of Versailles – which brought an end to the First World War – and will give all the chance to see the loving restoration carried out by A G Podmore and Sons of York and funded by the Railway Heritage Trust.

    Chris Jackson, Regional Director at Northern, said: “Now, as a mark of respect to those from the railway family who served in the Great War, the memorial is back where it belongs at Newton Heath.

    “We would be delighted to welcome the families of those on the memorial to attend the special event at the end of June and are calling on anyone with information to get in touch.”

    Among those named are (from Lostock Hall) E T Whitman of the 1st Loyal North Lancs Regiment; (from Preston) W Barnish of the 4th Loyal North Lancs Regiment; (from Preston) R Hindle of the 3/4th Loyal North Lancs Regiment.

    You can pass on any details by emailing, by calling 0800 200 6060 or via social media at Facebook (/northernassist) or Twitter (@northern_pr).
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    11 Nov 2018
    in Greece on holiday
    Obvious place to start is the war graves commission website -
    There you can search by name or service record.
    They have civilian dead as well as service personnel.

    The national archives at kew also have service records from WW1. Every serviceman had a medal card recording campaign medals that were issued. from that you can get service numbers. You can search online.

    I will send that to Northern, but posted it here as may be of interest to people here.

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