selaw thuos

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4 Sep 2005
Not the drawing room
Ok i understand that, i had just uploaded the whole file and deleting the bad ones now.

But is it really a mature thing to bombard the person with PMs pretty much saying your phots are ****. Why do phot and take rubbish shots, probably the most imature thing i have ever seen.

To the people who have sent the PMs
as i can upload pictures how ever i want to.

Thanks to those who actually gave constructive critism as i can use that and learn from mistakes, But the thing which hacks me off is the message which basically says

" your phots are rubbish" Etc Etc

I have already had to pull the comments section away due to people bombarding with comments slagging them off and no constructive ciritism. Futhermore they were of comments regarding a gallery which had been recently uploaded (ie with in a few minutes) and the first place i posted a link was here.

Thanks to ''Harry Potter'' for the advice but as i said other people willing to slag off others, just get a life!

On one last note how come it is only this forum which you get posts sayign your phots are **** and all the others give advice which help.
I think i have had my rant.
Good Bye
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