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    ALEMASTER Member

    18 Aug 2011
    The Sheffield bus partnership are launching a completely revised bus network on 1st November along with some reduced price multi-operator tickets.

    The new network was out to public consultation during July, they are now busy making tweaks based on feedback and carving the network up between operators.

    I guess registrations should start coming soon.

    Some of the proposals have proved controversial among users so it will be interesting to see the final plan.

    Information about the bus partnership can be found here:

    The proposed new network details have been taken down from that website now the consultation has closed but the South Sheffield map can still be found on one of the local community action group websites...
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  3. LuSiVe

    LuSiVe Member

    12 Feb 2013
    As I mostly use buses that originate in Chesterfield there seems to be little change for me.

    The rest of it seems to be a bit 'change for changes sake' re changing all the bus numbers etc. It's going to be quite annoying to find the equivalent bus for a while :(
  4. WillPS

    WillPS Established Member

    18 Nov 2008
    Still nothing on Park Grange Road. Massive lack of ambition on the part of First, all it would take would be redirecting 1 of the many buses that run down Granville Road down there.

    ALEMASTER Member

    18 Aug 2011
    There are trams every 10 minutes or better already over providing for the demand there. First used to run a service prior to 2012 but passenger numbers were too low for the service to be viable.
    --- old post above --- --- new post below ---
    An amended plan taking on board some of the feedback from consultation has been put forward for SYPTA to sign off at a meeting on 1st September. There are also some further changes to route numbers in order to reduce potential confusion.

    Here is a link to the paperwork for the meeting which has been placed in the public realm. Appendix A is the original proposal, Appendix B shows the changes, Appendix E shows which routes will see more than one operator running co-ordinated services on a route.

    ALEMASTER Member

    18 Aug 2011
    It looks like the final version of the new Sheffield Bus Partnership network being launched on 1st November is different again!

    Below is how it looks at the moment, things will be clearer once the timetables and network maps are all published on the Travel South Yorkshire website.

    (note all these timetable are available from

    4 City-Psalter Lane-Bents Green-(Ringinglow)
    4a City-Psalter Lane-Millhouses
    6 Littledale-Darnall-City-Hallamshire Hospital-Hunters Bar-Millhouses
    6a Manor Top-Darnall-City
    26/26a Crystal Peaks-Thorpe Salvin circle
    29 Sheffield-Chapeltown-Penistone
    30/30a Sheffield-Handsworth-Beighton-Crystal Peaks-(Plumbley)
    32/32a Sheffield-Shirecliffe-Firth Park
    55 Birley-Crystal Peaks
    61/62 City-Hillsborough-Bradfield
    65 Sheffield-Ecclesall-Fox House-Grindleford-Tideswell-Buxton
    72/72a Chapeltown-Manvers
    74 Sheffield-Catcliffe-Todwick-Harthill (Sundays only)
    85/85a City-High Green (evenings and Sundays only)
    215 Sheffield-Ecclesall-Fox House-Grindleford-Bakewell (school journeys only)
    218 Sheffield-Millhouses-Totley-Owler Bar-Baslow-Bakewell
    252 City-Gleadless Valley-Ridgeway-Marsh Lane-Eckington-Crystal Peaks
    272 Sheffield-Hathersage-Castleton (early morning journeys only)
    273/274 Sheffield-Ladybower-Castleton (Sundays only)


    1 High Green-Ecclesfield-Pitsmoor-City-Hemsworth-Batemoor
    7 Ecclesfield-Parsons Cross-Neepsend-City-Manor Top-Woodhouse-Crystal Peaks
    25 Bradway-Low Edges-Woodseats-City-Woodhouse
    31 City-Upperthorpe-Walkley-Hillsborough-Loxley (Early morning, evenings and Sundays)
    35A Chapeltown-Thorncliffe Industrial Estate
    43 Sheffield-Dronfield-Dronfield Woodhouse-Chesterfield
    43A Sheffield-Dronfield-Hallowes
    44 Sheffield-Coal Aston-Dronfield-Chesterfield
    44/45 Chapeltown-Rotherham-Herringthorpe
    50/50A Sheffield-Mosborough-Eckington-Chesterfield
    52 Hillsborough-Crookes-City-Darnall-Handsworth-Woodhouse
    53 Sheffield-Mosborough-Eckington-Mansfield
    57 City-Stocksbridge
    71/71A Sheffield-Mosborough-Halfway-Killamarsh-Renishaw-Chesterfield
    72 Moss Way-Crystal Peaks-Beighton-Holbrook-Killamarsh
    83A Ecclesfield-City-Hunters Bar-Fulwood
    86 Chapeltown-Grenoside-Foxhill-Penistone Road-City-Millhouses-Greenhill-Low Edges
    88 Smithy Wood-Ecclesfield-City-Bents Green
    120 Halfway-Crystal Peaks-Hackenthorpe-City-Ranmoor-Fulwood
    201 Chapeltown-Stocksbridge
    265 Sheffield-Chapeltown-Barnsley
    SL1 Middlewood-Stocksbridge
    SL2 Malin Bridge-Stannington
    X17 Sheffield-Chesterfield-Matlock


    1a High Green-Herdings via Chapeltown, Ecclesfield, Firth Park, NGH, City, Hemsworth
    3 Nether Edge-Meadowhall via City, Pitsmoor, NGH, Firth Park, Meadowhall
    8/8a Ecclesfield-Crystal Peaks via Penistone Rd, City, Manor Top, Birley
    18 City-Norton Lees-Meadowhall via Hollythorpe Rise, Woodseats, Derbyshire Lane, Manor Top
    18a Jordanthorpe - Manor Top - Meadowhall
    20 Hemsworth-Ecclesfield via City, Norwood Rd, Southey Green, Yew Lane
    24 (Bradway) - Lowedges-Woodhouse via Chesterfield Rd - Manor Park - Castlebeck
    35 City - Sandstone Rd - Meadowhall - Firth Park - Fox Hill - Hillsborough
    38 Hillsborough-Firth Park-Meadowhall
    40 Catcliffe- Manor Top - Arbourthorne -Sheffield
    41 Hackenthorpe - Manor Top - Arbourthorne - Sheffield
    51 Charnock-Lodge Moor
    52a Woodhouse-Crookes-Hillsborough-Wisewood
    56 Herdings - Heeley - City-Wybourn
    75 Batemoor- City - Firth Park - Shiregreen (47)
    76 Lowedges- City - Firth Park - Shiregreen (76)
    81 Stannington-Dore via City
    82 Hall Park Head - Millhouses via City
    83 Ecclesfield-City - Bents Green via Greystones
    85 High Green-Chancet Wood via Fox Hill, Hillsborough, City, Abbeydale Rd, Hutcliffe Wood
    95 Walkley- City
    97 Totley - City - Scott Rd - Longley - Southey Green - Halifax Rd - Hillsborough
    98 Totley Brook - City - Scott Rd - Longley - Southey Green - Donavon Rd - Hillsborough
    120 Crystal Peaks-Fulwood
    181 Dore-Hallamshire Hospital
    271 Sheffield-Hallamshire Hospital-Fox House-Hathersage-Castleton
    272 Sheffield-Ecclesall Road-Fox House-Hathersage-Castleton


    5 Sheffield-Firth Park
    10/10A Manor Park-Hallamshire Hospital & Upperthorpe circle
    31/31A Sheffield-Walkley-Hillsborough-Loxley (Mon-Sat daytime)
    32/32A Sheffield-Firth Park (alternate journeys)
    268 Hillsborough-Wharncliffe
    H1 Hallamshire Hospital-Northern General Hospital shuttle
    M92 Foxhill-Harley
    S6 Hillsborough shopper circular


    65a Sheffield-Ecclesall-Fox House-Grindleford-Baslow (one daily journey)
    272 Sheffield-Hathersage-Castleton
    273/274/275 Sheffield-Rivelin-Bamford-Castleton/Bakewell
    M17 Dore-Totley Brook-Bradway-Lowedges-Greenhill-Jordanthorpe


    Blue Malin Bridge-Hillsborough-Shalesmoor-City-Norfolk Park-Gleadless Townend-Birley Lane-Crystal Peaks-Halfway
    Yellow Middlewood-Hillsborough-Shalesmoor-City-Attercliffe-Carbrook-Meadowhall
    Purple City-Norfolk Park-Manor Top-Gleadless Townend-Herdings Park


    Below are flexible all operator passes, available in addition to single operator loyalty deals. Weekly or longer tickets are to be issued on smart cards.

    Citybus - valid on any operators bus service in Sheffield: (NEW PRODUCT!)
    Day ticket £4.00
    Weekly ticket £14.00
    28 day ticket £49.00

    Citywide - valid on any operators bus or tram service in Sheffield (REDUCED PRICES!)
    Day ticket £4.30
    Weekly ticket £15.00
    28 day ticket £53.00
    Annual ticket £560.00

    Getabout child tickets - valid on any operators bus or tram service in South Yorkshire, only with a Megatravel or 16-18 Student concessionory pass (EXISTING PRODUCT UNCHANGED)
    Getabout Day £2.50
    Getabout Plus Day £3.60 (also includes trains)
    Getabout Week £6.50

    South Yorkshire Connect - valid on any operators bus or tram service in South Yorkshire
    Travelmaster Gold - valid on any operators bus, tram or train service in South Yorkshire
    See for details of these.

    ALEMASTER Member

    18 Aug 2011
    Now into week two of the new network, still LOTS of complaints about buses being late or cancelled and overcrowding, single deckers where doubles used to operate and cuts to evening services!

    So far, complete shambles!
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