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  1. blakey1152

    blakey1152 Member

    5 Sep 2011
    Hi All,
    Just wanted a bit of advice as to whether this is okay or not.
    Half term next week and the missus is interested in taking my daughter to Legoland.

    Last time we went we took the coach from Victoria which took so long it was insanity so I thought I would look at the train option this time round.

    As its a Friday we would have to travel in the morning rush hour. I also have a Family and Friends railcard.

    I checked the fares from Slade Green to Windsor & Eton Central and as we were travelling before 0930 there is no railcard discount so the fare is an astounding £52 for 2 adults and 1 child.

    However, I noticed after 0930 this drops to a more sensible £21.75 for an off peak day return.

    Is it permitted to use Oyster to travel from Slade Green to Paddington then catch the first train from Paddington to Windsor (which looks to be the 0921 from Paddington to Slough) using the OUT part of the off peak return or does the entire journey have to made off peak?

    The Off peak return from Paddington to Windsor seems to be priced at £15.70 for the 3 of us so I figured to get the return from Slade Green it would save money overall.

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  3. clagmonster

    clagmonster Established Member

    8 Jun 2005
    The National Rail Conditions of Carriage state:
    "16. Starting, breaking or ending a journey at intermediate stations
    You may start, or break and resume, a journey (in either direction in the case of a return
    ticket) at any intermediate station, as long as the ticket you hold is valid for the trains you
    want to use. You may also end your journey (in either direction in the case of a return
    ticket) before the destination shown on the ticket. However, these rights may not apply to
    some types of tickets for which a break of journey is prohibited, in which case the Ticket
    Seller must make this clear when you buy your ticket."
    Break of journey is not prohibited on a cheap day return from Slade Green - Windsor Central, so starting the journey at Paddington is fine.

    I would say, however, that the restriction of the Slade Green - Windsor ticket is as follows:

    Not valid on trains timed to
    depart after 04:29 and before
    09:30, except on the 08:41
    from Swindon to Cheltenham Spa"

    Thus the ticket would not be valid on the 09:21 departure from Paddington.

    Note the following ticket, which would appear to be a promotional bus / admission ticket for the Legoland park. I'm not sure how the prices compare to a normal admission.
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