Slow GWR trains near Southall

Discussion in 'Infrastructure & Stations' started by sk688, 19 Jan 2020.

  1. sk688

    sk688 Member

    11 Sep 2016
    Apologies if this has been posted before but couldn't find it anywhere

    I travel between Bath and London on a weekly basis, and have noticed that , when heading out of Paddington, the GWR trains always slow down between Hanwell/West Ealing , and go slowly until passing Hayes and Harlington , before speeding back up

    This has led to delays of up to 10 minutes on most of the trains I use, and did not previously use to occur

    Is there any reason for this ? , It seemed to have started post December
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  3. Mintona

    Mintona Established Member

    8 Jan 2006
    South West
    It is normally because the 125mph capable GWR train has caught up with the 100mph Heathrow Express train with a 70mph junction to negotiate at Airport Jn, so things bunch up a bit there. Or the train has caught up with another train that’s caught up the Heathrow Express. Or the train has caught up with a train that’s caught up with a train that’s caught up with the Heathrow Express, and repeat.
  4. Nippy

    Nippy Member

    13 Aug 2013
    I expect Mintona has it spot on. Do have specific times and dates? PM me and I can look into it.

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