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South African Steam.

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26 Jul 2010
Evening All,

Some of you might be interested in the latest pictures of steam in South Africa in 1972 that I have recently added to my Flickr site. This is the first one; clicking on it will enlarge it and take you to the others :

R4007. Empangeni shed. 24th August, 1972. by Ron Fisher, on Flickr

They can also be found in the 'South Africa - 1972' Collection; see Set 2 :

Collection: South Africa - 1972

A friend of mine lived in South Africa for ten years and was well placed to photograph the dying days of steam. He has recently opened a Flickr website with some South African pictures on. There are many more still to come but if you haven't seen those already on there, they are here :

Collection: South Africa

Hope that you find them of interest.
Not open for further replies.