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Discussion in 'Trip Planning & Reports' started by cactustwirly, 19 Aug 2015.

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  1. cactustwirly

    cactustwirly Established Member

    10 Apr 2013
    I was bored at home, so I did a tour of South London yesterday (also to take my mind off results day on Thursday) The ticket was also good value, £6.10 for a Travelcard Z1-6 (I used a rail voucher, normally it costs £12.20)

    I caught the (slightly delayed) 0911 from Twyford calling at all stops, except Southall to London Paddington. It arrived just after 10. Where I caught a busy Bakerloo line train to Waterloo. I ran to Platform 18 to get the 1033 to Waterloo via Richmond & Kingston, formed of a single 455/8. I made it with 1 minute to spare!I got off at Clapham Junction, the second time.

    I caught the 1144 Southern service to Sutton, I got off at Crystal Palace. I caught the 1220 service to London Bridge via Tulse Hill (both 455/8s). From London Bridge I got a 376 to Cannon St and the District line to Blackfriars. Where I caught a pair of 319s to Wimbledon via Mitcham Junction.

    From Wimbledon I caught a pair of 455/8s to Chessington South and return to Clapham Junction. I caught a 377/4 to Victoria, where I headed for Paddington. Catching the 1706 home (down the fast line, first stop Twyford!)

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  3. Techniquest

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    19 Jun 2005
    Nowhere Heath
    Sounds like you had quite a good day there, and fingers crossed for Results Day! I remember what that was like in 2001, nasty times but the relief when you find out you've done better than hoped is unreal.
  4. Kristofferson

    Kristofferson Member

    23 Nov 2012
    Weirdly enough, I remember the nightmares about my Maths result the night before more than I do the actual results day! It was fine, I got a C... Seems everyone these days gets an A*, mind! I'm also informed the other half did her Maths GSCE aged 13 and got an A... Crazy!

    Anyway, I digress. Trains! Had a read and a look through your Flickr, some interesting pics there. The 455/8s always confuse me... Am I on a Desiro or a BR throwback? With those seats, who knows!
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