Southern season tickets purchased online vs at train station

Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by Shempz, 17 Aug 2015.

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  1. Shempz

    Shempz Member

    7 Nov 2013
    I meant to mention this a while ago, but it slipped my mind.

    A while back, I had to get a replacement annual season ticket, as the print on mine was getting close to illegible. When I went in to the Southern ticket office, they could not find the details of my season ticket - which I found strange. The bloke behind the counter asked if I bought it online from Southern, which I did.

    According to him, the system they use at railway stations is not able to see the details of season tickets purchased online.

    Does anyone know why this is? Is it just a case of Southern not investing in decent software?
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  3. CyrusWuff

    CyrusWuff Established Member

    20 May 2013
    Whilst the website is branded Southern, it's run by Atos on their behalf, and uses a completely separate database from Shere SMART (which they use at stations).

    At least one person at Southern (probably in their Commercial Department) should be able to retrieve the details, but that's not much use when you're stood at the window.
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