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[SP] 47 Action 10/7

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8 Jun 2005
SUNDAY 10/07/05
allocations and confirmed workings:

47802=1A53 1613 Holyhead-Crewe.
47851 + 47854=5Z65 Bridlington-Carnforth.
1A41 1309 Holyhead-Crewe was cancelled.
5Z47 Norwich-Oxley, presumably 709 or 832.


Quite a few emails the following is the basics of what was covered.
47841 was the loco that failed on 1A24 (0915 Holyhead-Crewe service) yesterday, it failed near Shotton on the move due to its engine shutting down and failing to restart.
1D22’s (some other time Crewe-Holyhead service) 47811 was removed from the westbound service at Chester and used to haul 1A24 forward into Chester station, 811 returning to 1D22 which terminated at Llandudno Junction running 90 minutes late due to its late running, to begin the 1415 Holyhead-Crewe from there at the right time. 57312 worked 1A24 from Chester over two hours late, which was the loco that had been on the move from Stafford to Crewe as 0F15 on a normal light loco working.
Vaguely relevant, but DRS’s only other ETS fitted loco; 47501 worked a service train to Holyhead when it hauled the 0840 Euston-Holyhead/ 1338 Holyhead-Euston from/to Crewe vice HST on 1902/99.

Re: the last time a 47 failed on a passenger train, one I didn’t know about: 47316, which should have worked Heartland Rails tour to Swansea on 28 May, failed before departure and was replaced with 47810 (with 714?). 810 also apparently failed on the way back, near Birmingham, and was dead in train up to Wolverhampton.
Another suggested last failure date was 47847 at Rhyl on a Cardiff-Holyhead service in March.

The additional Anglia diagram is less likely to happen over the next two Saturdays as the Sudbury line is closed, freeing up an extra unit. However this engineering work was also on this Saturday just gone BUT a unit was away at Ilford for tyre turning and One were struggling with units.
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