[SP] 47 Action 7/9

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8 Jun 2005
WEDNESDAY 07/09/05 updated 12:40, 13:10

allocations and confirmed workings:

47802=4S51 0858 Carlisle Kingmoor-Grangemouth.
47818=0F03 0451 Norwich-Colchester.
47826=0Z47 1000 Crewe Works-Basford Hall.
47840=0A40 0506 OOC-Padd/ 5A40 0751 Padd-OOC/ 5C99 2114 OOC-Padd/ 0C99 2354 Padd-OOC.
1564xx=1V01 0622 Great Yarmouth-Norwich.
location/ standby’s this morning:
47145=DerbyRTC. 47150=Basford Hall. 47197=Basford Hall(OOS N/173). 47200=Oxley. 47237=Carlisle Kingmoor(OOS N/300). 47298=Carlisle Kingmoor. 47303(B exam)/309=Southampton Maritime. 47316=UNKNOWN(Oxley?). 47355=Oxley. 47501=Carlisle Kingmoor(OOS A/150). 47703=DerbyRTC. 47709=Oxley. 47712=Alton. 47714=Norwich. 47802=see above. 47805/815/829=CreweLNWR(out of traffic). 47810=Oxley. 47811=Dagenham Dock. 47812=Old Oak Common. 47813=Loughborough. 47816=Basford Hall(OOS A/580). 47818=see above. 47826=see above. 47828=Norwich. 47830=Shields Road(which was probably where it was yesterday, not Shieldmuir as I said!). 47832=DerbyRTC. 47839/843/848=CreweLNWR. 47840=see above. 47841=Bristol Kingsland Road. 47847=Cardiff Canton. 47851=Carnforth. 47853=Old Oak Common. 47854=Carnforth.

updated version of last known workings dates for unserviceable loco's
47197 arrived at Basford Hall on 0Z51 at xxxx 27/08
47237 arrived at Carlisle Kingmoor on 0C19 at 1130 19/08
47303 arrived at Southampton on 0B34 (from 4B34) at 2000 22/08
47501 arrived at Carlisle Kingmoor on 4M53 at 1716 27/07
47805 arrived at Crewe LNWR on unknown date, last worked with 6X54 on 10/05 (its derailment day)
47815 arrived at Crewe LNWR on 5Z96 at 2311 23/05
47816 arrived at Basford Hall on 5Z67 at xxxx 15/08
47829 arrived at Crewe LNWR on 5Z48 at 0135 24/05
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