Starting Model Project Vlog: Leith Central

Discussion in 'Photography Sites, Blogs & Videos' started by ANWP Tom, 9 Nov 2018.

  1. ANWP Tom

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    31 May 2018
    Got my first model project vlog up online now. Aiming to build an alternative history version of Leith Central as if it had been 90 degrees from where it was and on the other side of Leith walk and had remained open into the sectorisation period. Cheating a bit in that the Waverley route survived aswell in alternate reality the model is based on so not only can I run scotrail push pulls but the idea is trans pennine services ran via the Waverley route from Liverpool fed from the same diagrams as those through to the north east so theres plenty of scope to ad 47/4s and 45s to the flood of 47/7s, 37s and 26s hence covering plausible reasons for all my favourite loco types.

    Here is the intro vlog
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