Strange Contraption in Bus Station

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19 Oct 2014
About two years ago, in Worcester's Crowngate bus station, I saw an "official-looking" chap who had a contraption on his front which hung from by a strap around his neck, which was a bit like a giant ticket machine or old-fashioned cash register (!)
It looked like it could have been made by Setright, and featured a lot of bare metal (machined/polished/castings) and matt-black coating like early cameras,
and (from memory) some metal buttons including some slider/plunger ones like those on (musical) wind instruments.

The "official" was working this device while looking intensely at the buses, and as he was also looking "very fed-up" I didn't interrupt him to ask him what it was all about -
- Was he working for the Traffic Commissioners ??

Nobody on my local bus forum can tell me what this was, and I've only seen this once in 48 years !

If anyone can tell us I'd be very grateful ! :-?
Not open for further replies.