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Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by Wiggaz, 23 Feb 2010.

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  1. Wiggaz

    Wiggaz Member

    23 Feb 2010
    Southport, Merseyside
    Been reading the forums for a while, but now posting for the first time.

    On playing around on the East Coast website this morning for day trips (Saturdays) to London from various stations in the north west - e.g. Runcorn, Wigan, Preston, etc - the system kept offering me the above ticket (priced at £32.40 from Runcorn/Wigan and £40.15 from Preston), but apparently with different time restrictions on different dates.

    I've never come across this ticket before - which may be due to my ignorance - but it seems very good value. However, I couldn't find it on Virgin's own website. Does it exist and, if so, how can I establish the restrictions on different dates?
  2. First class

    First class Established Member

    9 Aug 2008
    Only available on a Saturday. No actual restrictions other than you must have a quota-controlled reserved seat going down there, (so subject to availability). You can come back on any service, and you don't need a reservation, although one is recommended. Comes in Standard class only, but you can upgrade on board for £15 each way to travel 1st Class.

    Only valid on Virgin trains between the North West and London, and then any operator in the Zones 1-6 Travelcard area.

    Saturday Day Travel card is a
    Standard Class product
    allowing customers to travel
    from a number of Virgin Trains
    stations to London and enjoy
    unlimited travel throughout
    London Fare Zones 1-6.
    Reservations are compulsory
    for the outward journey and
    customers must travel on this
    service. The return journey
    can be made at any time on the
    same day, although it is not
    reservation compulsory,
    reservations are recommended.
    Please note that the ticket is
    quota controlled on the
    outward journey, and
    reservations must be made out
    of the correct quota. For
    reservations for the return
    journey, the default standard
    class quota can be used.

    00474 - VIRGIN TRNS ONLY

    1 Adult @£ 32.40 = £ 32.40
    £ 32.40
  3. Wiggaz

    Wiggaz Member

    23 Feb 2010
    Southport, Merseyside
    Thanks - very helpful.

    As regards the return leg, if you can use any service why does the East Coast website say that the ticket is not available on some trains (on some dates)? Is this an error that can be safely ignored?
  4. Polarbear

    Polarbear Established Member

    24 May 2008
    Apologies for bumping an old thread.

    I've purchased this (excellent value) ticket for myself and a friend for next Saturday from Chester to London. Thank you for the information which was obtained from this very forum!:D

    My question is regarding my return journey. The last through Virgin train from London to Chester on a Saturday is 18.10. There are of course later journey opportunities but these involve changing at Crewe & using Arriva trains.

    I note the ticket is marketed as Virgin trains only - does that exclude connections such as the Crewe-Chester shuttle on Arriva?

    Whilst I've not reserved a seat on my return journey, I did note when I was booking the ticket on the East Coast website that I could reserve seats on trains after 18.10 from Euston. The tickets only say that the ticket is routed via Rugby, not that they are only valid on Virgin trains.

    Any assistance appreciiated!:)
    Last edited: 3 May 2010
  5. nedchester

    nedchester Member

    28 May 2008
    and interestingly the selection of southbound trains include use of ATW connection trains and also a few northbound as well so can't so why they can't be used on the Crewe to Chester with ATW????
  6. clagmonster

    clagmonster Established Member

    8 Jun 2005
    The conditions of carriage have this to say on the matter:
    "10. Tickets valid only in trains of particular Train Companies
    The validity of a ticket may:
    a) be restricted to; or
    b) prohibit
    travel in the trains of a particular Train Company or Train Companies. Any such restriction
    or prohibition will be shown on the ticket. If you travel in a train with a ticket that is not
    valid, the relevant parts of Condition 2 or 4 will apply. If you are unable to use a ticket or
    any part of it, you may be able to claim a refund under Condition 26 or Condition 36."
    So if the ticket does not mention any operator restriction, then you are valid on any companies trains.
  7. Green Lane

    Green Lane Member

    5 Apr 2010
    Birkenhead, Merseyside
    Thanks for the mention of this potentially very useful ticket, I had no idea it existed.

    As it happens I went down to Greenwich Saturday just gone on a London Midland ticket from Liverpool to Euston then another ticket to Greenwich.

    Total price of the tickets was only about a quid cheaper than this single Virgin ticket which would've covered the whole journey, but to be honest I don't at all mind the longer train rides and the non-reservation flexibility offered by LM (enjoying train travel as I do as an end in itself).

    However, it is also definitely knowing about this Virgin one for when I want to get to London quicker, or have less time available.

    Funnily enough I notice putting in Saturday 8th May I do not get offered this ticket on the Virgin Trains website, but I do get offered it on the London Midland website. No doubt, I'm missing the correct place to click on the VT website or something.

    I had planned to go to Kew Gardens sometime in the summer. Was originally going to get an LM ticket to Watford Junction, then on the Overground to Kew via Willesden Junction, bypassing central London altogether. But I see now I could instead simply get the Virgin off peak ticket and use the underground through London from Euston to Kew instead, due to time saved on the Virgin train. Depends on what particular offers are on nearer the time I suppose!
  8. trickyvegas

    trickyvegas Member

    10 Dec 2009
    I used this to get from Manchester to the cup final on Saturday, excellent deal and having the flexibility on my return journey was very useful. Strangely enough the ticket was only available from Stockport even though my seat was unreserved from Manchester Piccadilly which is where I boarded.
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