Surbiton (Zone 6 to 1) fare advice

Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by Pole84, 17 Aug 2015.

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  1. Pole84

    Pole84 New Member

    17 Aug 2015
    Hi everyone-

    I wanted to get your expert advice on 5 day a week travel from Surbiton to Zone 1 (Bank) and back every day.

    Is there a more efficient fare to travel on, than buying a monthly zone 1-6 travel card on Oyster for something like GBP225! :roll:

    I travel at 6:30am and come back around 6:30/7:30pm ish

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  3. yorkie

    yorkie Forum Staff Staff Member Administrator

    6 Jun 2005
    In the longer term, you can get to the Bank area by changing at Waterloo/Waterloo East and also at London Bridge, alighting at nearby Canon Street. Such a journey would not require a Travelcard as a London Terminals ticket would suffice. However it's not currently viable with the ongoing London Bridge redevelopment work.
  4. TEW

    TEW Established Member

    16 May 2008
    You can still make the journey with a London Terminals ticket, but it may take longer than usual. Your ticket would be valid on the tube from Waterloo to London Bridge, where you could pick up a service to London Cannon Street.
  5. MikeWh

    MikeWh Established Member Senior Fares Advisor

    15 Jun 2010
    First off, can you touch in at Surbiton by 0630? Can you wait until 1900 before touching in at Bank? If the answer is yes to both then PAYG is the way to do it because both fares will be off-peak.

    The straightforward fare is £5.20 single off-peak (£7.60 peak). You can reduce that to £3.70 (£6.00) by taking the Jubilee line from Waterloo to London Bridge and then Southeastern to Cannon Street. That won't be fun at the moment though. From 2018 it'll be Southeastern to London Bridge and then to Cannon Street which will be slightly better.

    You can also reduce the fares to £4.90 (£6.30) by either (a) changing at Vauxhall to the Victoria line then District/Circle from Victoria to Monument, or (b) changing to Thameslink at Wimbledon and then the Northern line at Elephant & Castle to Bank.
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