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23 Feb 2011
I am looking for help to confirm I have understood the pricing of tickets

Wife and I are visiting for 8 days so was looking at the 8 day pass 363chf however wondering if it may be cheaper to buy a half fare card at120chf and then buy normal tickets. This s why I need to check

A Swiss pass would be easier however when I add up all the costs I think the absolute max is exactly the same. And unlikely we will do all.
Our larger journeys are
Geneva airport to Spiez
See Spiez to Filisur vis brig
Filisur to Tirano

Other trips will be return or roundtrip via somewhere
Spiez to Thun
Spiez to Murren
Filiisur to Arosa
Filisur to Davos or Klosters
Filisur to St Moritz area

When I add up all of these I don't see any benefit in the 8 day pass compared with half fare card.

Does this look right?
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27 Jun 2012
A couple of observations;

* I'd go for the Swiss Pass on the Grounds of convenience and flixibility to make on the spot changes to your itinerary. Not having to have cash and or cards available for ticket purchase and the time saved by not having to queue, however;

* are you likely to use the Half Fare card again during its validity, if yes then this option may be best?
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11 Feb 2011
By my calculations you might be correct. Other factors would be:

You should get free travel to Davos on your Hotel Grischuna guest card.

One of the benefits of avoiding the 'valid 8 days nonstop' version of a rail rover such as the Swiss Pass is that you can decide not to travel (or travel a much shorter distance) if you are feeling under the weather for any reason - or simply decide to have a 'slow' day. The half fare card is excellent for this - which is why I have done it that way for the last 7 years or so.

With the half fare card you can also buy the after 9am one-day travel pass which turns your half fare card into a one-day all line rail rover

Thinking back to the other thread covering your trip, I would recommend caution in trying to squeeze too much in. Once you get to Switzerland you might actually not feel like carrying out all the trips that looked fine on paper. It happens to the most adventurous of us... For example from Filisur, just a trip to Berguen (to watch the trains at three levels on the loops) and a bit of walking can be a worthwhile day. Likewise, part train and part walking in the Davos valley is very worthwhile. (e.g. walk Davos Wolfgang - Davos Laret, or Davos Dorf - Davos Wolfgang, or Davos Frauenkirch - Davos Platz along the river

I think I may have said this already, but, personally I'd leave Arosa to another trip.

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