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10 Dec 2005
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First refurbished train to arrive at Salisbury

On 5 December at 1300 we invite you to come along to Salisbury station, platform 5, where we will be showing off our first refurbished Class 159 train.
Earlier in the year we announced that we would return our two-car Class 170 units to leasing company Porterbrook and replace them with refurbished three-car Class 158s, renumbered as 159/1s. This move will not only provide West of England line passengers with extra seats but also a refurbished train. The refurbishment includes an upgraded first class area, improved lighting, toilet retention tank and an increase in the standard of passenger facilities.
There will also be a number of reliability modifications to the trains to bring their reliability up to the levels of our existing 159s which are the most reliable diesel trains in the country. In the middle part of next year our existing 159s will be taken away and refurbished so that by June 2008 we will have a common diesel fleet.
Mac Mackintosh, our Engineering Director said: “The refurbishment is quite superb. Together with Porterbrook Leasing who lease us the trains, and Wabtec Rail who are refurbishing the trains, we are providing passengers on our busy West of England line with over 500 more seats and an all round better train.”
John Meehan, Wabtec Rail’s Managing Director said: “When approached by Porterbrook and your train company to deliver this very demanding refurbishment Wabtec Rail were delighted to rise to the challenge. The unique approach adopted on this contract meant the team had to deliver an exceptional product to a tough timescale. We are delighted to participate in giving our customers a better passenger environment.”
Alex White, Operations Director for Porterbrook Leasing said: “We are delighted with the design and quality of the refurbishment of this rolling stock. The Class 158s are well proven and the conversion to 159/1s together with extra seating and improved environment will give passengers a better journey experience. It is extremely encouraging for the industry that this level of passenger benefit can be achieved in existing rolling stock and demonstrates Porterbrook’s continued commitment to investment.”

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