The 4 Triangles..37059,37419,37606 and 57310..09/05/15

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  1. Western Venturer

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    4 Oct 2009
    Sherborne, Dorset
    Charity Railtours ran the Four Triangles railtour to various places in East Anglia using DRS traction if the shape of 37059,37419 Carl Haviland,37606 and 57310 Pride of Cumbria.
    As standard class was on the rear of the train I didnt do any onboard shots,just the arrival at Watford and the shunting at Norwich.
    The tour returned to Crewe on Sunday the 10th May but due to a problem with 37059,which had to be removed at Euston,it was over 2 hours late.. I was nearly bowled due to London Midland unit arriving but managed to get the shot!!
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