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The next train is delayed due to ... condensation.

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Passengers on rush-hour train services in Hampshire, delayed by up to one hour, were told problems were caused by "condensation on signals".

A guard on a London-bound South West Trains service, which was halted at Winchester, told commuters all signals had been turned red "as a precaution".

Passengers said they were amazed to hear the announcement blaming "bad weather" for the disruption on Friday.

Network Rail later said the delays were actually due to a power cable fault.

Cable repaired

One commuter, who got on at Southampton Airport Parkway station, said: "We were told that due to cold weather, there was condensation on all signals in the Winchester area and that, as a safety measure, all signals had turned red and we would have to stop at each signal.

"I know it's a little colder this morning than it has been, but this seems ridiculous."

A spokesman for Network Rail, responsible for signalling, said he was equally amazed at the explanation given for the delays and cancellations in the area.

He added that the cable had been repaired and trains were due to be running back to schedule as soon as possible.

The service involved was the 0700 Weymouth - Waterloo.
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9 Jun 2005
Maybe you could credit your source as the forum rules tell you to ;)


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7 Jun 2005
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2 of my mates were affected by this.
When i left work at 05:00 this morning it didn't seem very cold, we were originally told it was going to be gale force 10 winds and torrential rain
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