The Rainhill Trials Virtual Museum Memorabilia

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31 Aug 2006
The Rainhill Trials Virtual Museum Memorabilia

One of the most significant events in Rail History took place at Rainhill Station in 1829, the first ever railway between two cities had been built and the competition between the five locomotives competing at Rainhill would decide which would be most suitable for running the route.

As it is known, only Stephenson’s Rocket managed the trial, and this signalled the start of passenger and commercial rail traffic.

Pan – Leisure Consulting is now working on behalf of St Helens Council and the Rainhill Railway and Heritage Society to examine the most appropriate commemoration of these events through the re-location of its existing permanent exhibition to Rainhill Station, and through an online virtual museum, capable of promoting and commemorating the event and all that is associated with it, to the “whole world”.

We are therefore seeking to identify individuals and organisations that are in possession of or aware of any items/artefacts that might help to tell the story of the Rainhill Trials, the Manchester to Liverpool Railway Line and Newton-le-Willows Station to contact us with relevant information as highlighted below.

1. Name:

2. Contact details:
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3. Description of artefact/s:

4. Would you like you artefact/s to be photographic displayed in the Online Museum?

5. Additional Info?

If you would like more information about the project please contact:
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