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4 May 2012
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On Monday 13th/Tuesday 14th I'm planning to do a small trip from Hertford North down to Dover Priory. I looked up the planned ticket on BR Fares, and am looking at getting the CDR OFF-PEAK DAY R (what does the CDR stand for btw?), with use on HS1, costing £24.75 with a 16-25 Railcard.

Now I was planning on traveling out using HS1, but I'm going to come back via Tonbridge, Chatham, or Maidstone East. Not being very good at all the routing things, and not wanting to get a fine, I thought I should ask if this is allowed on the ticket.

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6 Jun 2005
A 'CDR' is an Off Peak Day Return (the new "simplified" name for a Cheap Day Return), however I'd suggest you get an 'SVR' Off Peak Return (the old Saver Return).

It's valid on any permitted route between Hertford Stations (North & East) and London Terminals, and any permitted route between London Terminals and Dover Priory. It's also valid for a cross-London transfer if you wish to use it (not required if doing Kings Cross - St Pancras).

So yes it is valid via any of those routes.

As for your fears of getting a fine, you do not need to worry.

If you travelled on a route specific ticket over a route with a higher fare (not applicable in this case) you would be entitled to an excess to the cheapest available fare, with Railcard discount.

If you travelled on a route specific ticket over a route with a cheaper fare (applicable in this case) you do not get any money back, but the ticket is of course valid. (It is sometimes better to get the cheaper ticket and pay an excess in the other direction - not worth considering in this case).

If you deviated from the route to a route that was not permitted by mistake, you could be charged a Penalty Fare, but you would not be prosecuted unless you refused to pay or it was believed to be deliberate. Even then you would not be fined unless a Court found you guilty!
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