Timing sheet from EMU_Slam_Door - 3417 run yesterday

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For the record, log of 3417's run today & err, I dunno why yet either as last I heard it may have been going to Meldon:-

865Z571N09 13:50 BMWT&RSMD to FRATTONCS 09/08/05 Multiple unit (planned)

                  Booked         Actual      Not Applicable Timetable
                arr    dep     arr    dep
   BMWT&RSMD          13:50           N/R E
   BRANKSOME   13:52  13:57   13:51A 13:57A  RT TIME         VIA POOLE
   BOURNEMTH          14:01          14:05A   4 LATE
   BROCKNHST          14:26          14:22A   4 EARLY
   REDBRIDGE          14:35          14:32A   3 EARLY M LINE
   STHAMPTON          14:40          14:38A   2 EARLY M LINE
   ST DENYS           14:45          14:44A   1 EARLY B LINE
   FAREHAM            15:09          15:10A   1 LATE  M LINE
   COSHAM             15:17          15:17A  RT TIME
   COSHAM JN          15:18           N/R
   PORTCREEK   15:19  15:21    N/R E 15:23A   2 LATE  B LINE VIA Hilsea
   FRATTONCS   15:25          15:33A          8 LATE

Ta Roger
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