tomonthetrain's reports - The Southeastern Heathrow Connection - 15/03/2912

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12 Jul 2011
Or as it was intended to be known, “The HEXtra Connection to SouthEastern underoverground Greater Western bash“. But I don’t want to give you that!

T’was a really spooky foggy morning, when I arrived at a spooky Deal. 375829 decided to trundle along on the 31 miles, 66 chains 2W24 to Ashford International.

The train was starting to fill up when we had 375709 couple up for the remainder of the trip on ’829 again, continuing the trip as 2W24. It wasn’t before we even left AFK before I noticed we were 5 down at the time. We eventually got going (and I managed to get some cleared track with a cup of coffee in hand!

We got into London Bridge slightly late, and I was kinda worried I’d miss my FCC to St Pancakes Pancreas Pancras but I was relieved that it was right behind my 375 pairs. 319366 on 2T22 was the victim unit for this journey. Yes…a 4 car 319.

After a quick brew at St Pancakes, I went over t’road to London Kings Cross to Finsbury Park on dud 365508 operating 1C36. At Finsbury Park, I noticed 2K26 was 2 down so I headed over to the platform to get 313059 to Highbury & Islington.

After a +5 at Highbury & Islington, I managed to get required 378208 to Willesden Junction (High Level) on 2N43. After that I had to fight my way through the maze known as Willesden Junction in order to get 2A05 Bakerloo Line service to Paddington.

Through the new ticket gates on London Paddington platform 7, I caught my stalker unit, 360204 to Ealing Broadway. Another brew later, and for lunch a Kebab where the pitta was the size of my coffee cup with only one strip of Donna and one piece of cucumber! Skinflints or what!

Anyhow, I did Ealing Broadway to Hayes & Harlington next on 166212 operating 2N36! Upon arrival there, 360202 was next up, heading to Heathrow Airport Central Terminal Area (T123) as 2T40. This continued onto T4 as a extra working although I bailed to a short wait.

After a short wait at Heathrow Airport, Central Terminal Area (T123), i got my first 2 332s in 332012+332008 to Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 operating a delayed 1T55. This then returned as a delayed 1Y55 which meant I missed the T4 shuttle. Apparently this was due to something between Ealing Broadway and Paddington. That shot my plan to do some other FGW track!

Finally…a freshly copped 360205! I managed this between Heathrow Airport Central Terminal Area and a full Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 station as 2E42 and 2F43. Next was a fast walk to the Piccadully platform to get the service to…Heathrow Airport T5. That’s more track cleared! Upon arrival at the glass structure, I got 332005+332001 to Heathrow Airport Central Terminal Area as 1Y60 taking advantage of the free wifi of course!

After a bit of a wait at the Central Terminal Area, pest 360202 took me to London Paddington as 2Y46. Another epicically SLOW Bakerloo trip to Willesden Junction (Low Level) via Queens Park depot I was back on t’Overground heading to Gospel Oak copping 378255 on 2N78 to boot!

Then it was some 172 time! I got dud 172003 from Gospel Oak to Crouch Hill as 2J81 then back from Crouch Hill to Upper Holloway on required 172008 operating 2J76. Upon arrival at Upper Holloway I went back to Crouch Hill on dud 172004 operating 2J83. Then i went back from a +3 at Crouch Hill to Upper Holloway on required 172007 operating 2J78 with 172008 taking me from Upper Holloway to Blackhorse Road as 2J85 (I’d been to Walthamstow the previous day for Pie & Mash at Menzies!)

It was then a short Victoria line bash from Blackhorse Road to Tottenham Hale to enable me to clear the track between Tottenham Hale and Stratford on 317887+317888 operating 2S47. I then went from Stratford to London Liverpool Street using triple Dusty Bins 321361+321448+321347 on 1F55. Dustybinalicious!

I then got the circle from Liverpool Street to Cannon Street when I had to go round the Wrekin outside just to get to the mainline station due to TfL street roadworks! I then picked a random platform and managed to get 376033+376010 from London Cannon Street to London Bridge on 2I61.

Upon arrival I had a -1 connection which turned into a +3 to London Waterloo East on 465235+465045 operating 2C62. A tight connection then back to London Bridge on 465012+465048 operating 2E62. Then to London Charing Cross on 465157+465011 operating 2D64.

I then went from London Charing Cross to London Bridge on 466022+465155 operating 2V66. It was teatime so I went and got a chicken burger with Peri Peri sauce and chips from next to The Dungeons! Next up the PIS said 8 cars but instead 375301+375608 turned up at London Bridge to take me to Ashford International on 2R68. Now the /3 was the portion that I needed, yet the front coach of the /6 declared it was coach 4 of 8…even though a /3 is 3 cars! Isn’t it? So for a uneventful last trip after uncoupling, I went from Ashford International to Deal on 375301 as 2R68.

Total distance: 267 miles, 75 chains
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