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tomonthetrains trips - The nnetworker

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12 Jul 2011
I boarded Hansons Enviro300 fleet number 3540 from home to Merry Hill on service 226. I then changed to NXWM Mercedes 1537 from Merry Hill to Dudley.

Upon arrival at Dudley where I took the usual pictures and I found a NXWM bus, which was required for snappage, NXWM Pensnett allocated 2080 which is a Wright Eclipse bodied Volvo B7RLE.

I then boarded Green Bus Volvo Olympian 904 from Dudley to Wolverhampton. Whilst on board, my little brother called me asking me where I was. I said I was at Wolverhampton at the time.

After meeting him at the station, we walked to Wolverhampton St. Georges Midland Metro stop for Tram 6 to Jewellery Quarter on the 11 miles 61 chains ride. One reason for this was to see what was in Coopers Sidings (just in case a shed was there!)

Next up between Jewellery Quarter and Birmingham Moor Street was LM 172335 on 2S54 for the 1 mile 18 chains ride there.

My brother wanted to catch a proper train (see what I did to my non enthusiast/basher brother!) so we waited at Birmingham Moor Street until we could get a green on 67013 to Solihull on 1H53.

Next up was late running (super dud) 168111 on 1G38 between Solihull and Birmingham Moor Street. Looking at my railmiles, it said I was 0h 8m late! Honestly it felt longer, crawling from station to station!

Walk through the barriers and then through the City Centre to Birmingham New Street to get a very busy Desiro to Birmingham International. This was allox 350245 on 2Y70 to Northampton.

Another (proper) train, this being from Birmingham International to Coventry with WB64 and 90045 on 1B70 (Virgin Trains service to London Euston)

After a cup of tea, we went from Coventry to Birmingham International on 390035 operating service 1G32. I had a tweet from LM come through explaining a signal problem at Coseley. I had intended to do the old 31.64 miles to Wolverhampton but I had to change my plans so I changed at International to get 390003 to Birmingham New Street on 1G33 instead.

Next up was 323240 on 2R55 between Birmingham New Street and University followed by University back to Birmingham New Street on 323221 and 323201 on 2R70.

I then decided to allocate me and my broski on 1K39 so we got 350249 on 2Y22 between Birmingham New Street and Coventry as a positioning move. Upon arrival at Coventry, we spent 15 minutes outside the First Class lounge sitting using the free wifi.

Next up was our last move, this between Coventry and Wolverhampton via Birmingham New Street using 90045 and WB64 on 1K39.

After a NXWM trident home from Wolverhampton, the rest of the evening was spent watching WWE Friday Night Smackdown! AWESOME!

Total Distance by train/tram: 119m 65ch
Total Duration by train/tram: 2h 36m
Total Delay by train/tram: 0h 27m
Average Speed by train/tram: 41.6mph
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