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TPO Preservation

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8 Jun 2005
Not many will know, but this is just a heads up to say that there are very few TPO coaches left to be preserved, and there are currently two groups aiming to preserve as many vehicles as possible.

Railway Vehicle Preservations - "1V86 Mk 1 TPO" APPEAL
RVP has operated preserved TPO trains for the past 24 years, in the form of the unique LNER 1937 built Travelling Post Office set which regularly provides the spectacle of a high speed mail exchange on the Great Central Railway. six years ago a 1959 built Mark 1 vehicle, 80301, was placed in RVP's care and restored to its original livery. It was always the intention to add an appropriate stowage tender to the collection and two RVP members duly acquired vehicle 80458 from EWS in January. This vehicle, now also on loan to RVP, will arrive at the GCR shortly. Work is therefore well advanced on this project. 80301 is now having exchange equipment refitted to enable it to drop mail bags. As can be seen here

Now an appeal has been lauched to add at least another one (maybe two) vehicles to the Mark 1 TPO set to make it fully representative of mail trains of the 1960 to 2004 period - the final chapter of main line TPO operation. The next vehicle to be added is sorter 80349 (the same basic type as 80301 but of the later batches with design changes). It is intended that this will join the other vehicles on the GCR in due course; negotiations to find a space for it on the line are taking place. To purchase this vehicle we need to raise £4000 immediately, plus additional costs for refitting vacuum brakes. The initial appeal total is therefore £6000. Ownership of the additional vehicle will be with RVP, a registered charity ensuring its future in active preservation. This also means donations qualify for gift aid adding an additional 28% to UK tax payers donations (at no extra cost to the donor). All monies raised in this appeal will only be applied to the preservation and operation of the mark 1 TPO vehicles in our care. PLEASE MAKE A DONATION - this is the last oppportunity to acquire these vehicles before they are scrapped. Donations can be made by sending cheques payable to "Railway Vehicles Preservations Ltd"
9 O'Grady Square
Please write 1V86 appeal on the rear of the cheque.

UK tax payers please also complete and enclose a gift-aid form, available on this website or by post from the address given.
Gift Aid Form (Railway Vehicle Preservations Group)

1V86 was the reporting number for the nightly Newcastle - Plymouth mail (memories of which inspired the members involved to launch this appeal)


Friends of M30272M TPO Group - Mark 1 TPO Appeal

The NVR's TPO Group would like to obtain two of these vehicles as part of our collection, we currently have three TPOs from various periods and to be able to add two carriages from the final TPO era is an opportunity that we must not miss - we won't have another chance to obtain such vehicles.
EWS set a date of Thursday 3rd November in which to "express an interest" in the vehicles. This was done and we expressed an interest in POS 80337 and BPOT 80456. Both vehicles have been inspected and found to be in very good condition, as such we have placed a bid with EWS to purchase them.
We are now making an appeal for donations to help pay for their purchase and subsequent transportation costs to the NVR. We will also need to raise some money to pay for the reinstatement of the vacuum equipment to enable the coaches to work with all the British locos based on the railway.

No upper target is being set as to the amount we will need to acquire these two vehicles as we will need to cover purchase, transportation, repairs and ongoing maintenance. So any amount that you can donate to the cause will be put to good use on preserving the last era in the working history of the TPOs. You will be helping to ensure that the history of the TPOs lives on into future generations that will only see the TPOs through the GPO film "Night Mail", the tales of the Great Train Robbery and places such as the NVR where TPOs have been preserved for all to enjoy.
If you are a tax payer in the U.K. you can also use the pdf form below to allow us to claim back the tax on the donation, which will help us boost the donation by 28p in the pound.
All donations will be acknowledged and the following incentives will be available (age limitations apply) :
  • Donate £100 or over and be invited for a trip on the vehicles before they enter public service.
  • Donate £250 or over and spend a day with the TPO crew during Rail Mail 2006, plus the above.
  • Donate £500 or over and be invited aboard a TPO experience course, plus the above.
Please make cheques payable to Nene Valley Railway Ltd and send to:
TPO Project (c/o Brian White)
Nene Valley Railway
Wansford Station

Gift Aid Form (M30272M Group)


These coaches form an important part of railway history, in the years gone by there were numerous TPO trains picking up and dropping off mail at speed, now this has gone, and it is being recreated at the Nene Valley Railway, Great Central Railway and Didcot Railway Centre. If you wish to assist in preserving the past, for the future generations, the information is above.
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