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  1. Peter C

    Peter C Established Member

    13 Oct 2018
    Hello all.
    I have been helping TSted Designs on his new route, "Stourbridge Railways", and I have some questions regarding signalling. Just some small things about the route before I ask all sorts of questions:
    • It covers Stourbridge Town - Stourbridge Junction
    • It is a freeware route for TS2020
    • It is an authentic representation of the Stourbridge Branch Line
    • It includes a small section of the line between Hagley and Lye, through Stourbridge Junction
    • The Stourbridge Junction area requires the signals to work for scenarios

    As I said in the last point there, I need some help with the signals. My main problems are as follows:
    1. Where are the signals in the Stourbridge Junction area?
    2. Which routes do the signals show and how do they show them?
    3. How do I get all of the signals to work properly?
    4. How do I test the signals thoroughly?
    In relation to the first point, I'm asking really if anyone has access to signalling diagrams for the Stourbridge Junction area which show the signal numbers and positions.

    In relation to the second point, I'm asking at the moment about Signal SJ87, which is located at the end of Platform 2. It looks like this:
    As the photo illustrates, it is comprised of, from top to bottom, a feather, 3 aspects, and a ground signal. In Train Sim, I have got this signal, from East Coast Mainline South: London - Peterborough:
    Screenshot_(TSted) Stourbridge Railways_52.44966-2.13398_12-00-30.jpg
    And I have it hooked up in the following way:
    • Link 0 is on the Down line, adjacent to the signal
    • Link 1 is on the Down line, just beyond the signal
    • Link 2 is on the Down line, beyond the junction to the sidings
    • Link 3 is on the siding closest to the Down line, just beyond the junction
    • Link 4 is on the Up line, just beyond the junction from the Down to the Up
    • Link 5 is on the Up line, just beyond Link 4
    Here are screenshots from the route in TS2020, with the links from the signal marked on in their approximate positions:
    upload_2019-12-7_15-16-0.png upload_2019-12-7_15-19-18.png (The line going through Stourbridge Junction Platform 2 is the Down, P1 is the Up)

    The signal does not work, annoyingly. When setting junctions against the player train in P2, the signal does not change to red, the feather does not show when going over to the Up line, and the Ground Signal bit doesn't light up at all. Does anyone know how I can change the signal so it will light up the right lights for the right routes? This requires knowledge of the area I don't have. This relates to the previously mentioned questions 2 and 3. Answers to question 4 would also be appreciated! :D

    Thanks very much for taking the time to read this and hopefully help,

    - Peter :D
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  3. sftfan1909

    sftfan1909 Member

    8 Aug 2018
    South Wales
    I would recommend using the Just Trains Modern Signals instead. You can find a guide to them here
    The links are supposed to represent the different routes the signal can set, so I don't think placing a link just beyond the signal works. You also need to ensure that between the link and the next signal, there are no other junctions.

    As for the signals, you can start by looking at the Sectional Appendix, found here although I would suggest visiting yourself or trying to find some photographic reference to help you.
  4. Blockman

    Blockman Member

    19 Dec 2007
    I think you will find that this will provide you with details of the signal location and route information:

    I can't help you with questions 3 & 4 though.

    Good luck and keep posting details of your progress. I have a mate who lives locally and I'm sure that he'll be interested in the sim.
  5. Peter C

    Peter C Established Member

    13 Oct 2018
    Thanks very much both for the help. I've tried using the JT signals and they look alright :D
    Thanks @Blockman for the guide about the signalling - I've seen diagrams such as that before and it has proved invaluable for not only signals but also some trackwork.

    I can't go to the area myself due to cost reasons so information from other people is essential to make sure that this route is as accurate as possible.



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