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Train Spotting In Snow

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4 Feb 2012

Were there many earthquakes in Chesterfield on 28/3/12 :D

I enjoyed watching the video on the link but, if I may be pardoned for offering you unsolicited advice, you really could use something to steady your camera! This monopod from Maplin http://www.maplin.co.uk/monopod-45698 is only £14.99 but it would make a huge difference to the professionalism of your videos. You can get a really good one from Manfrotto but it costs serious money with a proper video head.

Because a monopod isn't a tripod, you can often use it on a platform when a tripod wouldn't be allowed. Just don't wave it about over your head where there is OLE in the station. :D

Thanks for posting, and looking forward to seeing the next one!
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