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Trainee Train Driver Jobs

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9 Jul 2016
Hi guys i am absolutely confused with how i can get into a trainne train driver job i really would like this job it would be perfect for me and my family.
please can someone assist me with getting into that post.

i have worked many different types of jobs i'm 36 and just been made redundant after working over 10 yrs with a company i believe this is the ideal job to see out my career in

please can someone help.
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9 Sep 2015
You have chosen a potential career which has very few positions and thousands of people applying for each post. A few things to do to start:

1) Research all toc and foc depots within an hour of your home address and register to receive daily job alerts if a position becomes available.
(If you are prepared to relocate just register with all of tocs and focs.)

2) Read through useful threads if the careers section such as the sticky thread how to become a train driver as this will help you understand the skills required and the process applicants go through.

3) (I am aware this is an opinion and not fact) I believe it is easier to get a drivers post through internal recruitment rather than external. There are other jobs on the railway which are great such as guard and station staff, this could help you build up knowledge and experience which MAY help get a drivers position in the future
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