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Trains around London 2003 with Narration

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11 Jun 2005
Hello all,

Now I have a DVD drive for my PC, I managed to transfer my DVD of my old footage around London. The locations are Kensington Olympia, Kings Cross, Euston and Paddington. Narration included by myself, trying to explain what the services are and what they are nowadays, however please do put any wrong information in the comments section. I can only try and get it accurate from what I remember, or by online info or by the 2003 National Rail Timetable. Information is obviously up to 2021.

The quality isn't top notch, it was filmed on 8mm (I think) tape and then about 7 years later sent off to be transferred onto DVD. Despite the ropey filming it's nice to look back at what things were like then, and wish I did more!

I have some more from the West and Wales area I shall put up, probably without commentary as I'm sure it'll just get in the way!

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