Trip to Poland (By plane)

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Julian G

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9 Jun 2005
A Nice Trip to Poland
from Wednesday 12th April to Sunday 16th April
Wednesday 12th April- 1st Takeoff from Luton Airport
King's Cross Thameslink
-I have missed the 11:08 (CityMetro)
-I waited for 11:18 (11:22-Cityflier) 4car
-I saw Class 319010 at KXTL
-On the Slows before West Hampstead
-Wonderful Acceleration to 100mph
-Took over the 8car CityMetro train I've missed outside Radlett
-Crossed from Fast to Slow lines south of Radlett
-A Hellfire MML HST on 11:25 Sheffield took over my train south of St.Albans
-I saw UID SN livered Cl319
-A 4 car Cl222 Meridian overtook us near Harpenden
Luton Airport
-I took the free of charge Shuttle Bus to the Airport, it took 10mins until it's started moving
-I've managed to check in for my flight 5mins before it closed, PHEW!
-Then W!ZZAir Airbus A320
-It's was a good flight
Sunday 16th April 2006- Delays, Hellfire Delays
Katowice Pyrzowice Airport- KTW
-The shock of finding that your flight had been delayed by 1hr 30mins! due to the delayed aircraft coming from Colonge/Bonn
What worse, was for Dortmund passengers, had more of a shock!
their plane was meant to leave 17:10, BUT it was postponed until 00:15am
Journey Back home
-I took 20:16 TL CF to KXTL
and Then 67TS to Victoria
and a Nice Refurb D78 back to West Brompton
and then onto MSN talking to a couple of people from the RailUK forum!
This is my Report
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