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Trivia: Your own local line usage

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31 May 2011
I thought we could do our own, more accurate, version of the Office for Rail Regulation statistics by concentrating on our own patches of the network...

My new local line is Wigan North Western to Liverpool Lime Street. Of the following 13 stations, I have used them to enter/exit in the past year:

Wigan North Western: 5+
Bryn: 0
Garswood: 0
St Helens Central: 1
Thatto Heath: 0
Eccleston Park: 0
Prescot: 0
Huyton: 1
Roby: 0
Broad Green: 1
Wavertree Technology Park: 1
Edge Hill: 0
Liverpool Lime Street: 5+

The intermediate station usage was me having a small bash on the new electric services. I'd normally have no need for any station apart from Wigan really.

This could get pretty hard for some of you to type/format who live on an Intercity route or Techniquest with all those Central Welsh halts :P

If you have a choice of lines, just pick any. If on WCML/ECML etc, upto you if you want to choose principal stations or include LO and tiny halts like Polesworth/Chathill.

Was unsure of the best place for this thread, not quite trip report material.
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22 Jan 2014
Nice idea!

Salford Crescent: 100-150
Deansgate: 1
Manchester Oxford Road: 30-40
Manchester Pic: 200-250
Ardwick: 0
Ashburys: 1        \\
Belle Vue: 7         Gorton: 30-40
Ryder Brow: 4        Fairfield: 0
Reddish North: 0     Guide Bridge: 0
Brinnington: 0       Hyde North/Central: 0
Bredbury: 0          Woodley: 0
Romiley: 0         //
Marple: 0
Strines: 0
New Mills Central: 1
Sheffield: 3

Moorfields: 1
Liverpool Lime Street: 200-250
Liverpool Central: 2
James Street: 5
Hamilton Square: 3           \\
Birkenhead Central: 200-250   Conway Park: 30-40
Green Lane: 0                 Birkenhead Park: 1
Rock Ferry: 0                 Birkenhead North: 1
Bebington: 1                  Wallasey Village: 3
Port Sunlight: 2              Wallasey Grove Road: 1
Spital: 0                     New Brighton: 3
Hooton: 1          \\
Little Sutton: 0     Bache: 0
Overpool: 0          Capenhurst: 0
Chester: 5           Ellesmere Port: 2

I'd use Belle Vue a hell of a lot more if it had a regular service. New Mills, Port Sunlight etc all days out. The rest for commuting to uni, seeing family & friends, and the odd railtrip somewhere far away. The Denton parlie is also kinda local but I've yet to use it.

Unfortunately I think a forum sample would be rather unrepresentative of the population as a whole :lol:
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