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Been net nattering with a guy in America that originally worked for BR years back. He tells me that there were several BR locos that made it to the design stage but never were produced. I know there were steam loco's that did that but he say's there were Diesel and electric ones as well. He mentioned a class 49 and a clss 53 as well as a class 88 electric. Anynone got any info on these?
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O L Leigh

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20 Jan 2006
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True. Lots and lots of them.

The Cl60 was supposed to spawn a whole generation of locos with different power ratings, including Type 2 and Type 3 versions. The Cl88 was supposed to be a modular AC electric freight Co-Co loco based on the Cl58 diesel which. like the Cl58, would have been destined for the export market. Equally, there were class number allocated to DMU and EMU types that were never built, such as Cl152 which would have been the number allocated to any Cl156 single car unit conversions.

Unfortunately, my previous source of such information has vanished. Otherwise I'd have linked to the entire list.

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