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23 Feb 2006
I thought you might be interested.
Although not technically trains my company recently purchased 26 Millenium ZI monorail units for the network. The network is increasing expanding into new territory. The screenshots begin thus.
I'm using Imageshack. I'll link direct to the images, for best resolution click on the image for the larger version.


Here we see the main station on the network, Chinnwell. From left to right. Platforms one and two are for trains to Selby. Platforms three, four and five are the mainline routes and platforms six and seven for the east. As we can see already in platform seven is a train for Hatfingford Airport whilst arriving in platform six is a semi fast train to Luningwell.


Here we see an express train from Chinnwell on its final approach to the main north terminus of Netfingford. It is just about to cross over the coal freight lines.

Finally, before you get too bored. Is a screenshot of the titan network in the Chinnwell area. As you can see there is a lot more room for routes.

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