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Unable to collect ticket

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12 Jan 2015
Earlier today I tried to collect a pre-booked ticket for travel tomorrow, but one of the ticket machines at the station was out of order and the other had the collection option greyed out.

I messaged the TOC to ask what I should do assuming there was still a problem tomorrow morning, and they replied saying I should go to the ticket office. However, I need to travel before the ticket office will be open. It probably doesn't make a difference to the situation, but I bought the ticket from the TOC I plan to travel with so could I collect the ticket later on in my journey assuming I take photos etc to prove I was unable to collect the ticket?

Could someone advise me on the best course of action? TIA
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7 Oct 2019
West Wiltshire
Safest (in sense of covering your back) is to :

Try again with ticket machine on arrival at station
If still not working take a photo of machine display
Actually take pic of both machines messages
Take picture of closed ticket office

Take with you your booking email and message from TOC

Seek guard to see if they will issue a ticket
If no guard then continue to interchange station, or final station
If there is a guard and they won’t or can’t do it get them to endorse your voucher (which might be just putting their guards number to confirm you tried)

At exit station, at barriers ask if ticket office is open and they can print the tickets for you.

Basically the railway has sold you a ticket, which they have offered to print in their machine at certain station, taken your money, but renaged on their offer. Not opening the ticket office specially when you have evidence they asked you to go there is further evidence you tried everything possible.

With all those steps covered no reason not to travel.
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