Waterloo (Sunrise to) Sunset

Discussion in 'Railway History & Nostalgia' started by 70014IronDuke, 13 Aug 2015.

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  1. 70014IronDuke

    70014IronDuke Established Member

    13 Jun 2015
    (Actually, a few years before the Kinks)

    Someone from another forum has sent me this - 24 hours at Waterloo in 1961.


    talk about the way we were - some in North Cornwall could have watery eyes watching this.

    Apologies if this has been posted before (I did a search, and could not find a reference).

    Any history teachers in here might like to bookmark this video - very useful for an emergency lesson, I should imagine - just make 'em watch it and note down what's changed and discuss.

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  3. Ash Bridge

    Ash Bridge Established Member

    17 Mar 2014
    Stockport Cheshire
    Fabulous stuff!

    I still have a VHS copy of that film, things like the station announcer reciting the endless stops of the ACE at long closed stations like Tresmeer, Otterham etc, or the little boy who's lost his mum, the early days of mass immigration, great director John Schlesinger, could watch it over and over...
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