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Discussion in 'London Underground' started by Tom, 28 Jun 2005.

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  1. Tom

    Tom Guest

    What's your opinions of the LULmet extension to Watford Junction?

    IMO, they should double Chesham, and then continue services to Watford - with through services from Baker Street every 10 minutes to Watford Junction!
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  3. evil_hippo

    evil_hippo Member

    9 Jun 2005
    That would be the stangest route I have ever seen. I see no sonse whatsoever in it.

    I am very enthusiastic about the way it is being done, always having said something had to be done to give some purpose to the Croxley Green line. However, it would be a very major annoyance to people living at the Current Watford station, in the housing that exists because of the met station.

    The best part of this extension, however, is if it would stop people going on about the Bakerloo to Watford Junction, which to me is a needless duplication of what is already a good service from Euston.
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