What a weird day!

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24 Jul 2006
Just thought I'd share this story about what happened yesterday.

Me and my dad decided to go to Holyhead from Machester to 'bash' a 57, I was a bit apprehensive as rumours were spreading that they were finishing soon.
On an unseasonally cold, wet morning at 7:00am we caught the train to Doncaster and waitied for the TPE to Man Picc.
66248, 66250, 66552/7 were seen around the station.
The TPE was a new 185 (my first long distance journey on one) and when passing Hexthorpe, 56301/302/303 were all started up together, HELLFIRE!!

The journey was uneventful until Stockport when we drew up alongside 90017on the Bham-Man picc service,the same one I had 'bashed' on monday with yorkie.
Coming up to manchester, 90017 was racing us into the station, the 185 won!

A long wait was endured on the Clapham junction-like platform 14. 175103 passed through on test, it appeared it was almost back...
When the 10:03 to Holyhead pulled in, to my horror it was a 175, the guard said the 57's had finished the day before. I was gobsmacked, just my luck:cussing:

On the way we passed 07001 and other sentinels in Salford. At Warrington, 92007 and 66016 were in the bays whilst 66081, 60055, 66126, 67012, 66043, 66006, 66165 and 08389? were on shed. 92001 was seen rounding a bend further up the line.

A signal fault at Helsby brought the 175 screeching to a halt and delayed us by 20 minutes.
Later on as we trundled into Chester, the guard said the 175 was a failure and was terminating. The next service to Holyhead was an overcrowded 158 which was probably straining with the weight 3 coaches worth of other passengers from the 175.

It was the last straw, my dad sggested we went to Crewe instead so I agreed. No offence to any folk from Chester but the station was appauling, no timetable boards, lack of facilities, dirty, scruffy and I wont even mention the loos.

The train to Crewe was another 175:roll:
We were there probably around 40 minutes and not one freight passed through. Thunderbirds around Crewe were 57302/3/7 whilst outside the station were 47829, 56077 and 37713.
We then got on a 'desiro' to Birmingham which was quite comfortable ride.
37069 and what is thought to have been 47812 in Basford Hall.

At Birmingham we decided we would get a train to Leicester and then 'bash' a MML HST to Sheffiled.
It was a turbostar to Leicester, various freights were passed along the way including 37259 in Saltley.
We were held up outside Leicester for almost half an hour because a lorry had hit a road bridge (when will those HGV drivers they learn)

After half an hour in the cafe at Leicester away from the freezing rain and wind, the MML came in and was by far the best train of the day!

It was hellfire all the way. At Derby I looked out of the window at the RTC whilst getting wet seeing 31105/6, 08's, 33021 and 47832.
I also bashed the HST into Sheffield but I got a bit wet!

The train was less exciting back to Mexborough, a 142 which had a leaking roof which meant lots of the interior was wet and I also sat on a wet seat:angry5:

At least the good thing was a nice hot meal was awaiting me at home:)

So thats how a day to Holyhead ended up in a trip around the midlands...

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