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23 Jan 2009
If Northern had ordered the 100 or so Chinese 2 and 3 car DMUs that were proposed as Pacer replacement, how many Pacers would you expect to be in service now?

The replacements were supposed to have been larger than Pacers so it would have been unlikely that Northern would have taken on any extra 158s - which would have benefited FGW and EMT.

I would have expected either ATW or FGW to take on the 144s directly/indirectly resulting in the ATW 142s being withdrawn, assuming they didn't get an add-on order to replace their Pacers.

However, there would still be the issue of growth and hypothetically there are over 90 x 142s in storage, so I imagine around 30 would have gone back in to service at Northern and FGW, ATW and EMT might also have been interested in taking on 142s directly or indirectly.
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