When I went Carlisle.

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30 Sep 2005
On August the 11th 2004 Me and my mate from Scotland who I was staying there for a few days decide to have a trip to Carlisle. We got the....

06:18 Dalgety Bay - Edinburgh
07:21 Edinburgh -Carlisle

Got to Carlisle had a great days spotting. We planned to get the 18:00(or around that time train back). We checked the screen as you do and it came up an hour late. So we decided to nip to a chippy came back and it was expected 20:00. It eventually turned up at 20:35. We were on the train for about 10 minutes in Carlisle station then the announcer dude said 'Due to flooding on the WCML at Lockerbie this train will be cancelled and be replaced by a bus' We were gutted. Then a pendo full of people going to Glasgow pulled in and then they boarded the voyager we were on then the annoncer said ' We will now staying on train and getting diverted via dumfries then go to Glasgow. We left Carlisle past Kingmoor still just enough light to see. Got to Glasgow Central were about 30% of passengers got of. We then carried on the last leg of the journey to Edinburgh. We arrived there at midnight and we had just misses the last connection back to Fife so Vermin provided us with a cab back and a can of coke and crisps.
A Great day. :D :D :D
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