Wigan - Bradford Interchange return with railcard

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31 May 2011
Leaving: 2nd April aiming to arrive by no later than 11.45
Returning: 4th April after 5pm.

I have a 16-25 railcard. Also, what's the earliest Northern will let me leave Wigan with my discount? Too used to being in Virgin-land with uni at the minute.
Bonus point if you can work in a boj at Huddersfield either way otherwise I'll just buy a separate return.

Ta in advance. :)
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8 Jan 2010
Bath (or Southend)
You could try an SVR from Wigan NW to Leeds (valid on any train arriving into LDS after 0930), which would allow you to break your outward journey at Bradford for whatever purpose it is you have, and then you could pick it up again at Leeds on the 4th and travel via Huddersfield. This would be £16 with a YP (route Not Preston/Liverpool). The only problem is getting from Bradford to Leeds (£2.20 with YP).

YPs are always valid, but cannot be used for discounting tickets to values lower than £12 before 1000.
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16 Nov 2009
16-25 Railcards are valid at any time but for travel before 10am a £12 minimum fare applies meaning that if the ticket is less than £12 no discount will be applied and if applying the discount would bring the fare down to below £12 then it will only be reduced to £12 not less. Otherwise you can use the railcard as normal before 10am (and at any time after that), these restrictions also don't apply on weekends. As it is all the fares from Wigan to Bradford are high enough that the minimum fare doesn't apply anyway.

I would suggest that there are two fares for Wigan to Bradford for the routeing you want to use (via Huddersfield) and both are off-peak returns with restriction 2L which states that:

NFM 11 said:
Restriction : 2L
Available on all services
with the exception of those
liksted below MONDAYS -
FRIDAYS - (By any
train on other days).
NB restrictions are lifted for
28, 29 and 30 December 2011.

All trains are barred which
are due to arrive in Leeds
before 0930

By any train.

The two fares are either the Route: Not Preston/Liverpool off-peak return at £14.60 or the Route: Any Permitted off-peak return at £19.15. Both of these also allow for a break of journey in both directions (but not overnight on the outward portion). On these fares travel from Wigan Wallgate to Manchester Piccadilly change there to pick up a TPE service to Leeds (that also goes through Huddersfield) then a Northern service to Bradford Interchange. Do the same in reverse for the return. Worth noting that depending on what times you are at Huddersfield there are direct services from there to Bradford Interchange which mean you could avoid a change at Leeds.
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