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Wolverhampton to Oxford

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27 Jan 2011
Considering a move to Memphis
I will travelling be travellking from Wolverhampton to Oxford and back tomorrow (April 5th). Outward about 1530, return after 2000. I have no railcards and would rather not be tied to particular trains.

The offpeak return is £36.50

Trainsplit offers me the following

Wolves - Coventry 7.30
Coventry - Banbury 13.80
Banbury - Oxford 6.20

Total £27.30 - though is obviously limits me to travelling via Coventry

However, I believe there is a Daytripper Plus ticket (£9) which is valid to Leamington, so adding that to Leamington - Banbury (£8.40) and Banbury - Oxford gives me a total of £23.60

Is my reasoning correct and would this combination of tickets be valid ?
Is the Daytripper Plus valid via both Coventry and Dorridge ? Are there any evening peak restrictions on this ticket ?

I've done a search, and haven't come across anything exactly the same regarding the Daytripper Plus.
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