Wroclaw to Prague

Discussion in 'International Transport' started by stuartmoss, 11 Nov 2018.

  1. stuartmoss

    stuartmoss Member

    2 Feb 2010
    Hi All,

    I'm looking at doing this journey on the first week of January, but going via Katowice. Any tips or advice for booking the tickets? Is it advisable to go first class to avoid overcrowded trains?

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  3. gordonthemoron

    gordonthemoron Established Member

    4 Sep 2006
    Milton Keynes
    it's always advisable to go 1st class in Poland and the Czech Republic as it's cheap
  4. 30907

    30907 Established Member

    30 Sep 2012
    First can be pretty full too! IIRC bookings on PKP-IC open 1 month in advance, not sure what happens for international journeys - used not to be bookable online.
    Watch out for the late evening arrival into Prague which has no restaurant car.
  5. dutchflyer

    dutchflyer Member

    17 Oct 2013
    No, trains are not overcrowded at all this time of year-and 1st in PL is only available on PKP itself, PR does not offer that symbol of capitalist economy! And PKP only does REServed seats (or at least-thats the principle) only.
    BUT; the direct Polskibus (now handled by FLIX) is much quicker and cheaper-you're route is quite roundabout.
    in SUMMER you can make interesting trips via these 2 on lines only running sat+sun in summer between CZ and PL (partly by GW-trains). IF senior: >60 in Pl can get 25-33% off at moist train-companies, in CZ >65 now 75% discount, but only if bought locally or online via cd.cz. Also consider Regiojet (use relax) for Ostrava-Prahy if its really the roundabout you want.
  6. Matt_pool

    Matt_pool Member

    9 Nov 2016
    "it's always advisable to go 1st class in Poland and the Czech Republic as it's cheap"

    I've done Prague to Plzen, Prague to Breclav and Prague to Beroun and on each occasion I had a 6 seat compartment to myself. Another time I went from Prague to Dresden and there was only myself and two others in a compartment.

    I've also done Krakow to Warsaw and Warsaw to Berlin. The trains were very busy but I didn't need to worry about finding a seat because I had reservations.

    These journeys were all second class where the seats are a lot more comfortable with more leg room than any train in the UK. It never occured to me to go first class.
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