Discussion in 'International Transport' started by reb0118, 14 Apr 2015.

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  1. reb0118

    reb0118 Established Member Fares Advisor

    28 Jan 2010
    Bo'ness, West Lothian

    There are four of us heading to München this August. Three railstaff with FIP Coupons and one public rate. We quite fancy a trip on the Zugspitzbahn with possibly a wee trip one way on the cablecar (Eibsee Seilbahn).

    Any idea on the price for this? I take it there's no FIP discount but would a Bayern Länder Ticket offer any savings?

    I see there is also a annual "Wankpass" available!! :p
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  3. eastwestdivide

    eastwestdivide Established Member

    17 Aug 2009
    The Bayern-Ticket availability (Geltungsbereich) PDF that I downloaded last week says the ticket is only valid from Garmisch as far as Grainau on the Zugspitzbahn:
    Their prices page at http://zugspitze.de/en/summer/preise/zugspitze doesn't show any part-distance fares.
    Seems to be cheaper (http://zugspitze.de/en/summer/preise/****) to get your jollies on "that other mountain", but of course you won't be as high.

    Edit: the nanny filter has filtered out a critical part of the last URL that I pasted.
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  4. davetheguard

    davetheguard Member

    10 Apr 2013
    There used to have a link from the DB UK website to a ATOC document that said that FIP card holders are granted a reduction on the Zugspitzbahn.

    A hangover from the days when it was an OBB-operated line, I suppose.

    Please ignore my post on this: I'm muddling up the Zugspitzbahn (Germany) with the Schneebergbahn (Austria, south of Vienna). Both rack railways up mountains, both very scenic and worth a ride. I'll give trying to defend my faux pas and leave the room...
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