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  • Hi mate can you tell me your more about what assessments you sat on the assessment day and any advice or practice material that would be helpful.cheers
    Lucky you, I was told they gonna get back to me before Christmas and here i am, no news yet despite getting back to them on three occasions the last being this Monday 13 February. All they were saying is that they are still awaiting dates from depot managers and would be in touch soon and are sorry for the delay.

    Don't they have the jobs?

    Last night I had to apply for Conductor job with the LOROL (www.lorol.co.uk) out of frustration and the advert is closing on 20 February, it may worth you apply too.

    Anyway, I'll be glad to exchange my mobile (07547271655) with you and hopefully you'll be pleased to keep in touch with the developments.

    Please do keep in touch.

    Kind regards.

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