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  • Obviously the medical assessor will want to contact my consultant and she may say that my diabetes is not well controlled.
    My boss at my current job is writing a letter saying that it has not affected my work performance and not taken any sick days because of my diabetes. Will that letter help?

    Any advise would be appreciated.
    I could ring the occupational health department but I am so scared that it will automatically exclude me.
    Do you know any guards with diabetes that take insulin and isn't well controlled?

    Please any advice will be appreciated. I am expecting the medical any day now.
    Hi, I have a job as A South West Trains Guard based in Staines and have got the job subject to a satisfactory medical! Now I am really worried because recently my diabetes has been unstable meaning high Blood Sugars I have searched the web for ages and most documents say they are concerned if the blood sugar is low where you could potentially need assistance. My blood sugars have been high and I haven't lost concentration because of it! Over the past couple of days my diabetes has stabilized without it going low. Also what is there policy on prescription drugs do you know? Because I used to use strong opiates which don't affect my ability to concentrate or anything, I passed the concentration test whilst on the medication! I am coming off this medication but it could be a slow process.

    Could they perhaps say that they will review me in say 3 months So issue a not fit for work certificate now but say (if my diabetes improves) Start work in 3 months?
    Hello again, i am starting a training course for guard on monday and i would like to ask u a question. Is there a regional allowance as part of the salary as well? it does say so in my contract but it says where applicable... do u know if there is such allowance for strawberry hill? and how much would that be? Thanks a lot. silvio
    hello, sorry to bother you, i am having a role play and interview next week as guard and i was wondering if you could tell more about the role play, anything that you might remember will help? :))) sorry if i took the liberty to contact you, hope its ok, silvio
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