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  • Hey can you help me, I have tried downloading BVE in Kent - it has downloaded correctly but when I open it on openBVE it is just white with no scenery.

    tks ryan........i used to come down to sheppey in the 1960s to mid 1980s, my grand parents used to live at warden pount. I have been back a few times & seen many changes. More recent visits have been on the shepherd neame spitfire main steam trains from london, then the local trips they do which have included sheerness sometimes, (the most recent was an extra trip in may, but steam was replaced by diesel at the last minute as the steam loco failed) i am doing that again in sept so hope steam will be ok again by then. Rgds stevieboy1
    Hi mate just wondering are you "toppackage" off of youtube?

    Anyway there seems to be alot of us "Networker" fans appearing or is it just me?
    Hi 466 Networkers.

    i'm not really new too the forum.

    But what you just wrote about the jubliee line demo is that true?

    If not.

    Your proper joker.

    Your class

    "class 315"
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